Our team

The "Kumanets", a well-known and respected restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, was founded on 10 February 2001. This is the first project of successful and talented Odessian restaurateurs Vitaly and Lina Imertsaki, which have put their entire soul into it. Stich by stich, like native embroidery, they have created this little world of Ukrainian village in central Odessa.

For 16 years the "Kumanets" restaurant has been the place where all the dishes are homelike delicious, and the atmosphere is cubby as in a family. Many illustrious people visited the place during these years, and here also many interesting toasts were raised, many important family events took place and many incident acquaintances turned into constant friendship.
You may ask any Odessian to give you a hint on a good restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine — and you, undoubtedly, will be guided to the steps of the "Kumanets" restaurant. Every guest here is welcome and honoured. Here one can always find beaming smiles and good mood.

The management of "Kumanets" restaurant are experienced, sympathetic and attentive people, who's daily care is to let you feel the hospitable warmth of Ukrainian family, where new and old friends are always welcome.

Restaurant's manager is Irina Paholcova, sheff is Ludmila Dobezhit, administrators are Tatiana Bondar and Svetlana Kozhuhar.

The doors of our hospitable restaurant are always open for you!