Kumanets restaurant announces a generous Ukrainian dinner! All the entrees are home-like tasty, cooked by authentic national recipes. In the Kumanets you'll be treated like nowhere and never before! That's because here we have everything what Ukrainian cuisine is proud of: red borsch with pampushkas and garlic, genuine homemade sausage, puffy dumplings and flavorful bread, blood sausage, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, herring with onion, meat jelly with horse radish and very-very many other dishes!

And salo! Do you have any idea, what a salo we have? Salo with garlic – here, smoked salo – here, salo with almost anything – also here, even with chocolate and nuts! And all this with a shot-glass of Kumanets vodka and a heartwarming Ukrainian song. Please visit us and enjoy!

New Year`s menu

New Year`s  menu

Real winter has come to Ukrainian restaurant Kumanets! And it brought along favorite New Year's holidays! Those fabulous days would be very cozy, warm hearted, and tasty in the Kumanets. Another New Year's present from chef of our restaurant — "New Year's Holiday Menu"

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