Restaurant "Куманець"

In the very heart of Odessa , two steps from Deribasovskaya Street you will find yourself far from the hustle and bustle of the city and it seems you will find yourself in a genuine Ukrainian village, at the yard with corn flowers and cock singing and in an Ukrainian house where good, sincere and rich people live.

Here it is a well-known Ukrainian restaurant "Kumanets"!

Restaurant "Kumanets" is a place for family feasts , amicable meetings and of course for the gastrophilists if necessary, to eat fast with Ukrainian generosity, friendly hospitality and very tasty.

"Kumantse" House, like a grandmother's chest, has a collection of embroidered towels and colorful ornamented shawls. There is a special comfort which creates an integral part of an old farmhouse - a genuine wood-furnace decorated with Petrikivka’s ornaments and rural vintage accessories brought from everywhere: wooden spinning wheel, jugs and bellied bottles for home-style "horilka", crocks, stupa and icing lamps which are very - very ancient.

Do you know what's "Kumantse" feeding you? As in a genuine Ukrainian house, the table tempts your with the following dishes: ruddy rings of homemade sausages which flavor makes your head spinning, and near - black pudding, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, herring with onions, real Ukrainian borsch with donuts and salo, jelly with horseradish, plump dumplings and fragrant bread, stuffed cabbage leaf and all sorts of different generous Ukrainian dishes.

And as soon as a shotglass of genuine "kumantsovska" horilka wets his lips, your soul wants to sing and a great holiday will began. As they say, "Who knows how to enjoy yourself and to eat tasty, he will not be captured by the devil nor any thunder will stroke him." Generous dishes, full glass and friendly conversation – you will never have any melancholy – sadness in "Kumantse"!

Visiting "Kumanets" you will feel as if you come to a hospitable Ukrainian family where always happy to see new and old friends.

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